About Céleste

About Céleste

Céleste Hollak / 1990

Dutch-based designer.

Graduated in 2011 at the ‘ArtEZ Institute of the Arts’ (NL) direction “Illustration Design”.

Céleste is all about illustration, art, graphic design and branding. Her hands-on illustration work, fashion forward patterns and unique typography define her style.

The diverse use of materials and techniques that she has taken to heart, characterizes her signature.


While traveling, but also in her daily life, Céleste always keeps her eyes open for inspiration. Patterns, colors and shapes in nature, modern art and old prints inspire the ever changing process. This is where ideas meet colors and nature meets imagination. Everything is possible. Céleste intuitively experiments within concepts and keeps an open mind about what the end result will be.





Graphic design

Fashion prints




Garcia Jeans

PRYM Fashion Italia

Michiko Koshino

Jeans Centre

Maison Scotch


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